Welcome to Louie’s documentation!


Louie provides Python programmers with a straightforward way to dispatch signals between objects in a wide variety of contexts. It is based on PyDispatcher, which in turn was based on a highly-rated recipe in the Python Cookbook.

Louie is licensed under The BSD License.

Louie Requirements

Python 2.3 or higher.

Tested against Python 2.6 through 3.5.

Installing Louie

Louie uses pip for installation, and is distributed via the Python Package Index.

In many modern Python environments, and also starting with Python 3.4, pip installed by default.

Run this command:

pip install louie

Upgrading Louie

Run this command to upgrade Louie to the latest release:

pip install -U Louie


You can track the latest changes in Louie using the Github repo.

Using git

Clone the Louie repo using git, e.g.:

git clone https://github.com/11craft/louie

Run this command inside your git repo directory to use Louie directly from source code in that directory:

cd louie
pip install -e .

If you want to revert to the version installed in site-packages, you can do so:

pip uninstall louie

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