This document provides a detailed list of changes made to Louie, including differences between PyDispatcher and the initial release of Louie.

Changes from PyDispatcher to Louie 1.0

Packaging and Distribution

  • Louie uses setuptools for managing its placement in the Python package hierarchy.

Naming and Importing

  • The package name for Louie is louie.

  • The preferred way of using Louie is to only import the louie package, e.g.:

    import louie
  • Function and method names are lowercase_with_underscores, to conform to PEP-0008.


  • Louie provides globally-registered plug-ins that augment various aspects of Louie’s operation.
  • Available plug-ins include the following:
    • QtWidgetPlugin knows how to handle Qt widgets that still exist as Python objects, but whose C++ objects have been destroyed.
    • TwistedDispatchPlugin converts Louie’s default synchronous signal dispatching behavior to an asynchronous behavior based on Twisted Deferred objects.